PA Game News

PA Game News

Ever since I decided to work on completing the set of PA GAME NEWS, there has always been a shroud of mystery to the actual history since the beginning.  I have heard stories of when this started and when that changed.  I have come to know that much of what I heard was not necessarily wrong, but wasn’t totally correct, either.  This much I do know.  Those that were there when it all started in the beginning are long gone and the stories that went along with them are as well.  I wish I would have known them so I could have asked them the true story.  I have recently tried to corraborate the information that I have with some that still work with the PGC.  Was I surprised to find out that some of what I have compiled has never been seen by current PGC employees!

Here is the actual facts that I know concerning MONTHLY SERVICE BULLETINS. What I have always know to be true, seems to be correct.  The first Monthly Service Bulletin was July, 1929, and the last was June, 1931.  I must assume that this is correct as I have never seen another example to prove otherwise.

As for the origin of the first PA GAME NEWS, I may never know.  It was previously believed that when the MONTHLY SERVICE BULLETIN ended, the PA GAME NEWS started.  This is not correct and proof is on the LEGAL SIZE GAME NEWS PAGE.  Some of these LEGAL SIZED GAME NEWS have dates that precede what was thought to be the first edition of GAME NEWS in July, 1931.  The oldest LEGAL SIZED GAME NEWS that I know of (that actually has a date on it), predates any that resides in this collection.

It is my quest to piece together as much information about the true history of PA GAME NEWS.  At the present time, this site only references GAME NEWS from August 1950 and before, as in September 1950 the format changed to the smaller size that is still used today.  These smaller editions are more common than the earlier large editions.  I have included additional narrative to some of the specific year pages.  As my time permits, I will continue to add more years to this site for collectors to reference.  I also plan to add a section on just NED SMITH COVERS.

I am always looking to add editions that I do not have to my collection.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you have.



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