PA Fishing Licenses


In 1919, Pennsylvania required all non-residents to purchase a license when fishing.  It was not until 1922, when residents were required to have one.  In 1935, the non-resident tourist license was introduced and was good for 3 consecutive days of fishing.  There are also Complimentary licenses that were issued to people of importance, such as governors, presidents and executives from other state agencies.  I have seen examples of the complimentary licenses, but from what I understand, there were less than 50 issued each year.

On my site, I only take a look at NON-RESIDENT and NON-RESIDENT TOURIST.  That does not mean I am not interested in RESIDENT licenses.  Almost any collector interested in licenses is working on or has completed a set of resident fishing licenses.  I am no different.   Much is known about resident licenses, and completing a set is quite feasible.