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Welcome to pagameandfishcollector.com  I created this site to provide another resource for collectors of PA Game Commission & PA Fish Commission items like Hunting  & Fishing Licenses.  This site also includes an in depth look at the Game Comission’s main publication, PA GAME NEWS.  All of the information in the following pages was obtained through my collecting these items for the past 20+ years.  As generations pass, historical items from the PA Fish & PA Game Commissions are being lost and the information that goes with them is as well.  My goal is that this site provides a place for collectors, hobbyists, or just plain antique dealers to go to reference material that they have found.  It is not a complete reference for all collectibles, but provides a wealth of information that may not be found elsewhere.  There are some sections I have left out as there is much that is already known about them.  Please use this site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about items that pertain to this topic.

Click here to view the main pages of PA Game News, PA Fishing Licenses, PA Hunting Licenses.

-Jake Daum

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